Earth Week

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Tentative Schedule:

All Week Events

  • Caught Green Handed
    • All week everywhere!
  • What Color is Water?
    • All week at Environmental Coalition tabling events!

Monday 4/17: Clean Energy Day

  • All Day on Squires Lawn: SGA Bike Rack Hype Squad
  • 6:30-3:30 at Duck Pond Trail, Squires Plaza, and McBryde: Bike To Campus Day with the Office of Alternative Transportation (get free snacks, water, giveaways & more!)
  • 10-3 on the Drillfield: Smooth Energy and Students for Sustainable Practice Tabling
  • 5-9 on the Drillfield: Solarfest hosted by Students for Sustainable Practice
  • 6-8 at Glade Road Growing: Community Art Auction hosted by the Blacksburg Farmers Market

Tuesday 4/18: Community Day

  • 9-2 outside of McBryde: Call your Representative table hosted by Greens at VT and CFS
  • 10:30-5 on the Drillfield: Environmental Coalition Tabling
  • 11-3 on the Drillfield: EKOCenter with the Office of Sustainability
  • 11-4 on the Drillfield: YTOSS Tabling
  • 11-5 on the Drillfield: Peace Corps Tabling
  • 12:30-1:30 in Fralin Auditorium: Richard Smardon: “The Renewable Energy Landscape”
  • 4:00-5:30 at Wong Park: Activities & Craft Fair hosted by Environmental Coalition
  • 5:30-7:30 at Wong Park: Community Potluck hosted by Environmental Coalition featuring local organizations: DivestVT, Citizens for Arsenal Accountability, the NRV Plant Society, the VA Master Naturalists, and the Montessori School

Wednesday 4/19: Food & Health Day

  • All day: OZZI Promotion
  • 10-2 on the Drillfield: Environmental Coalition Tabling–Kitchen tips, environmentally friendlier & healthy food alternatives, superfoods, bug eating, DIY compost bin
  • 10-3 on the Drillfield: Peace Corps Tabling
  • 11-3 on the Drillfield: EKOCenter hosted by the Office of Sustainability
  • 2-5 at the Farmer’s Market: Environmental Coalition Tabling–DIY Compost Bins
  • 7-9:30 in Durham Room 261: Documentary Screening: Cowspiracy hosted by EC

Thursday 4/20: Nature & Conservation Day

Friday 4/21: Social Justice Day

  • All day: SGA Climate March Promotion
  • 10-4 on Squires Lawn: EC Tabling with Coalition for Justice and special guest Steve McBride!
  • 10-4 on Squires Lawn: Peace Corps Tabling
  • 11-12 on Squires Lawn: Collective Liberation Workshop hosted by EC
  • 6-7 in Squires Brush Mountain Room B: Panel on Universal Basic Income hosted by Greens at VT

Saturday 4/22: Earth Day

  • 11am at the Spring Game: Green Tailgating hosted by the Office of Sustainability
  • 4-6 on Henderson Lawn: Satellite March for Science by the Coalition for Justice

Sunday 4/23

  • 11-1 at the Duck Pond/Stroubles Creek: Duck Pond Clean-Up hosted by SGA & RLC

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