Feb 3 – Second EC meeting this semester

Yesterday we had our second meeting of the semester, and we have already started to get things accomplished! Last night we introduced the idea of project groups to those who were unfamiliar with the idea, and then we concentrated on three big projects we are leading this semester. The first was Eco-Olympics which will be a month long competition between residence halls later in the semester. The second was Earth Week, an event that the EC plans every year with events occurring around earth day focused on sustainability. The third was Think Outside the Bottle, a national campaign focused on eliminating bottled water and bringing clean water to people who do not have access to it. After these three project groups were introduced, each group briefly met, talked in more detail about their plans and how everyone can get involved.

For more information on each of these projects contact these people:

Eco-Olympics – Alex Funk – Funkadelic56@gmail.com

Earth Week – Erica Putman – Ericafp8@gmail.com

Think Outside The Bottle – Kara DodsonKarad3@vt.edu

One important announcement:

The EC is hosting a dance in 8 days and we need your help! Here’s the Facebook link:
Contact Liza Dobson to help out (
Liza7@vt.edu ).

Thanks to those who came out to the meeting, as well as those who came to the social afterwards. Stay green.



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