Mar 2 – Dessert Night!

With spring break right around the corner, and Kyle unable to give his presentation we decided to have an “exam break” meeting. Everyone brought organic/sustainable desserts including organic brownies, lemon cookies, and Homestead Creamery chocolate milk and ice cream.

If you haven’t heard about Homestead Creamery yet you should definitely look into it. It is available all over Virginia, and can be purchased at Kroger in Blacksburg. All of the milk at Homestead Creamery is purchased from two local farms (in Wirtz, VA – 34 miles away) both of which have been in family ownership for three or more generations. The milk is free of hormones and antibiotics, and because it is sold in returnable glass bottles it tastes fresher longer and is much more environmentally friendly. For more information on eating sustainably and locally, try to get involved with The Sustainable Food Corps.

This Friday is the beginning of spring break so there will be no meeting next week. To stay updated on what everyone in EC is talking about over break check out the google group!

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