2/8 Meeting

This week we focused on Earth Week (April 18-22)! This week is the EC’s biggest event for environmentalism and awareness! Each day of the week will have a different focus and at Tuesday’s meeting groups got together and decided what to do on each day! I have attached the meeting notes so you can see what’s happening each day. If you want to get more involved with Earth Week (please do) contact our Earth Week coordinator Rial at rialto13@vt.edu.

Some Quick Announcements:

Eco-Olympics, a campus wide residence competition, is going on throughout the month of February.  For more information on the competition or to get involved, contact Lauren lmiller1@vt.edu

We need volunteers to help with the planning stages of the silent auction fundraiser– contacting local artists, businesses, and advertising. The fundraiser meetings may be outside of the usual EC meetings so contact June at shrestha@vt.edu

Sign up for Relay for Life at http://www.vtrelay.org/. Search “environmental coalition” it’s $10 for registration plus you get a free t-shirt!


Sign up to become an oak or an acorn! This program helps people to make GREAT friends in the EC. It’s comparable to a ‘big-little’ relationship in greek life except with an environmental twist! Register at



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