March in a Minute

We haven’t blogged much lately, but as a quick update most of the March EC meetings have been project-group oriented. But, a lot has happened with Earth Week advertising, organizing, and Powershift recruitment!

Right now, Virginia Tech is in the top ten schools (nationally!) for Powershift recruitment!!!! Way to go Erica Putman, our EC coordinator for this historic youth gathering in DC. If you’re interested in attending a climate change conference geared for tomorrow’s (and today’s) leaders then please contact We have scholarships available for students that can’t afford to attend and carpooling funds to reduce gas costs….we’re also coordinating housing so we’ve got you covered.

For Earth Week 2011, check out our kick-ass website! Thanks to Grace and Cameron for putting that together, and the entire Earth Week team for building an incredible week of speakers, workshops, outdoor activities, and even a FESTIVAL. Start Earth Week with the on-campus Farmer’s Market, win some prizes in the alternative transportation scavenger hunt, teach local kids about conservation, rally for the protection of Appalachian mountains, and celebrate Earth Day with a free music/food/entertaining Festival!


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