Let’s Redesign

The countdown to fall semester is getting closer! With just one month between now and the first EC meeting – it’s time to begin to spice up the webpage. Today is some layout redesign and in the coming days you can look forward to updated links, new additions, and cool stuff. What are your ideas? what do you think so far?


6 thoughts on “Let’s Redesign

  1. I’m really glad we’re doing this! This is a great opportunity for us to look fresh and vital.

    It’s important that we’re careful with our typs selections. The type foundry Hoefler & Frere-Jones has this informative guide: http://bit.ly/8ZjQzW We’ve previously used Gotham (black) in our shirts and on the site. I’d be happy to have a whole discussion on type choice here.

    Simple elements like using a + instead of an & or “and” can be wielded to form a comprehensive identity. We should be careful to avoid using such design elements just once. Orphaned elements are distracting and represent missed opportunities. It’s cool; what more can we do with it?

    Color choice is important as well. Given our university’s colors, it’s imperative that we examine our choices carefully. Maroon on grey, for instance, is hard on the eyes. Likewise, a light green border on white text is not immediately evident. With all elements of our graphics, the roughness of edges (which can be handled through type crispness settings, anti-aliasing, etc.) also contribute to visibility and attractiveness.

    Visual clutter is also a concern, both for utility and perception. We want to appear open and energetic, as well as efficient and authoritative. Do we want to use clip art or student photography to convey our relationship with nature? Managing visual flow may not be easy with a wordpress template, but there is a lot we can toggle and fiddle with. Little details can go a long way, too (I really like the smiley at the bottom of this page).

    I’ve gotta sign off for a bit, but for some insight into the process behind branding, I direct anyone interested to the Brand New Classroom, where design students submit work for analysis by professionals. The work may not seem exactly relevant, but the comments are clever; they’ll remind you to think the right way through this process.

    • Nice Banner Alex!

      Excellent input.
      The importance of detail should be carefully considered.
      I love the idea of allowing members who are gifted designers to post their banners.
      Gotham (black) – good choice & a font I will implement.
      I often browse http://www.fontsquirrel.com/ – a site filled with copyright free fonts.
      maroon on grey – you’re right, not the best combination.

      work continues….I will include any ideas brought to the table.

    • I really like the new banner! Just one comment… the font used for the subheading is somewhat hard to read… maybe we could pick a clean, light font for the subheading (that could be incorporated into the rest of the branding as well as a secondary font) … just a thought!

  2. I agree with everything Alex said. This is a super opportunity to make a semi-permanent, formal branding for the EC, and I think it’s really important that the design is clean, simple, and easy to read and use. Personally I really liked the direction Alex was taking with the design, so I think our best plan would be to use his awesome design base and create a formal branding collection out of it!

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