Consensus decision-making, three-weeks, and so much EC fun to look forward to

Greetings ECers!

It’s that time of year again. While some Virginia Tech students pack up their belongings to move back to the burg – others savor the last days of peaceful blacksburg summer before the new freshman take over the dorm rooms.

With so many things in the EC to look forward to like Virginia Powershift, the Oaks and Acorns program, Earth Week, Tree Plantings, Project Groups, and Relay for Life… it’s hard not to be super excited for August 22nd to finially arrive.

That’s Right – the first EC meeting is just three weeks away!

As such, the web page has been updated more since the last post – please look through our tabs and post a comment with any additions (links, photos, words, corrections etc.) you want to see and where.

We now have a guide to Consensus decision-making – check it out! It will be permanently located under the “get involved” tab. A special thanks to Alex for providing excellent fonts.

We will continue to mold this blog / web page into a clean and organized place where information can be easily gathered by new and old EC members and easily disseminated by EC officers (and other dedicated members).

P.S. Do you have any cool Environmental Ideas, News, or Experience that you gained over the summer? Like… Did you know replacing your kerosene heater wick in your kerosene heater once a year saves kerosene and leads to a healthier family? And instead of using a your drive way and car to crack those impossible Fall Black Walnuts a special black walnut cracker can be used with out burning any fossil fuels (except of course, the energy it takes to make it).

We want to know what’s on your environmental mind. Please share below:




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