Countdown: 24 hours!

That’s right. It’s just 24 hours until this year’s FIRST Environmental Coalition meeting.

If you’re reading this you rock and are about to receive some top secret meeting information.

1. We’re going to explain who we are, what we do, and the ambitious plans for the year.

2. You’re going to hear about the new football ECO-rally towel from Liza.

3. VIRGINIA POWERSHIFT is just 5 short weeks away, we’re pumped and soon you will be too.

4. Justin is bringing some cool enviro-news!

5. Oaks and Acorns!

6. Get to know everyone during the member introduction time

7. We’re ending by changing the world with the world changing wall.

Come see us if you’re interested in sustainability, food issues (and eating great food), clean energy on campus, enjoying & preserving nature, all while getting to know a great team of clever and passionate people.

Have you gotten your free socially responsible icecream? (thanks Ben & Jerry’s & koofers)

What are you looking most forward to this year? We want to know!



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