Coal Plant + Powershift

As Erica Hetzel discussed last meeting, The Old Dominion Electric Cooperative has proposed a new 1,500-megawatt coal-fired power plant for Virginia. If built, this plant would be located in Dendron, a part of Surry County. To get more information and learn how to get involved visit this facebook group! Check it out.

On the same note remember Virginia Powershift is just around the corner | September 30 – October 2 | Uniting Virginia in a Clean Energy Coalition!

Help us get attendance from across Virginia and representation from the VT campus. Visit the website and come to EC meetings each Tuesday.

We can’t WAIT to see everyone Tuesday,

Your Environmental Coalition

Enjoy the game tomorrow! GO HOKIES!!

What Environmental News Do you have to share? Please post below:



3 thoughts on “Coal Plant + Powershift

  1. Devon – these meetings are each week and in the same place. You should be receiving emails if you are a part of our list serv. You can sign up tonight at the meeting or do it your self just click the “Get Involved” tab and read “how to add yourself to the listserv.

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