#2. Ice Broken. Concensus Learned. Projects Started.

Begin Meeting two…

European Envrio News: Germany with 20% renewable is one of the world’s leader in Solar Power! Thanks Lauren for sharing!Begin Ice Breaker! Meet Mr. Bell. Want your own cowbell for football games? Click on the word to see where he is from!

Our version of speed dating – it’s speed Ice Breaking.

If you could have a beard made out of anything what would it be and why?If you had only one project for the next year, what would it be?Back to you Alex! “don’t forget to sign up for OAKS AND ACORNS!Fill out survey here.

Project Group Time!

Powershift, Powershift Cooking, Alternative Energy, + Camping. Divide and Conquer. Before we knew it, the meeting was closing.

The fun was almost over except for announcements!

1. Join Beyond Coal. Seriously, we are Virginia Tech, Let’s Invent the future!

2. Join Greenpeace in the same effort!

3. Buy a Rally Towel! $5 bookstore. All funds support our projects!

4. On campus farmer’s market Thursday 10:00 – 2:00

5. Register your bike at the next meeting!

6. Sustainability week is coming!

7. VIRGINIA POWERSHIFT!! Register. or visit the homepage.

8. What announcments am I forgetting? Comment below and I will gladly add any missed or add links to ones listed.

Thanks for coming out!

The EC.


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