Events. Projects. Bonding. Oh MY!

This Tuesday marks the third EC meeting of the year and were moving fast.

Be there this week to hear Kara’s Enviro-news, get to know fellow members with some exciting team building, learn how to get involved with Alternative Transportation from Lyndsay and Kyle (Participate in the Wheels in Motion Event THIS THURSDAY, September 21 = active commute day with free breakfast and bike tuneups, and much more), help us be a part of PARKING DAY this Friday – emphasizing the importance of land preservation and alternative transportation, practice the consensus model we learned last week, and with the time that’s left we’re working in project groups.

To Remember:

1. Bring your bike to have it registered. We need the serial number from the bottom & you will be official!

2. This week you will meet your OAK! Get Excited!

3. This Friday beginning at 2:00 in Squires parking lot – Parking Day – Need pillows, blankets, bikes, personal snacks, and plants to fill up parking spaces. {First ‘official’ oak + acorn event}

4. Wheels in MOTION bike ride this Thursday!

5. Tree Planting with sustainability week NEXT Thursday {1:30 – 3:00}

6. POWERSHIFT MEETING 7:15 before Regular EC meeting. Have you Registered?

Did you go to the on campus farmer’s market last Thursday from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m?

It was fantastic – you have got to check it out:

Until Tuesday,

Your Environmental Coalition.


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