Happy 2012 – Resolutions for a Greener Earth

You could make a New Year’s Resolution to loose weight again… or this year you could resolve to lighten the load you leave on the planet. Here are a few resolutions you’ll probably find pretty easy to keep and a few you can adopt if you’re up for a challenge.

1. Attend and be active in EC meetings this 2012 spring semester. There is not a better way to make an impact with other excited members on your side. We need YOU.

2. Meatless Mondays. Eliminate meat from your diet for at least one day a week.  Eating one fewer burger a week significantly lessens your carbon footprint.

3. Try growing a plant or two of your own in your windowsill – flowers, vegies or herbs

4. Ditch the car. Bike or Bus.

5. If you have a garden or if you want to preserve your local fruits and vegetables to eat all year long try your hand with a Pressure CannerPressure caning allows you to preserve low-acid foods (almost all fruits and vegetables) without turning them into pickles (and without consuming the limited space in your tiny freezer).  You buy the produce in peak season (when it is at the rare intersection of superior quality, cheapest price, and best for the environment) and store it in old fashioned canning jars fit for a pantry.  The canner brings the heat up to a high enough temperature that the food is safely preserved for a long time to come.

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?

See you soon,

The Environmental Coalition 


3 thoughts on “Happy 2012 – Resolutions for a Greener Earth

  1. My new years resolution is to acquire every Justin Bieber record on vinyl, meet Justin Bieber, have him sign the records, and then have a baby and name him/her Justin Bieber.

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