Marching into Earth Week + New Projects!

We’ve made it half way through the semester and Spring Break is almost here! Come out to the last meeting in February. THIS TUESDAY at 8:00 pm – Brush Mountain A, Squires.

Erica is the Facilitator.

Environmental News will be brought to you this week by: Abby! 

Lindsey is leading the Ice Breaker.

Alex is leading the EC’s New Book Club and he is going to talk about it!

We will THEN be having a short discussion about officially finishing our constitution, also with Alex.

There are a lot of projects that need leaders so look for the email this week and sign up to get these off the ground (Earth Hour, “Fossil Fools” Day, a campus representative for Mobilize you, and more!)

We will be breaking into project groups: from Earth Week, to the new recycling building club, those listed above, and more! Get pumped!


EARTH WEEK facilitators meet on couches outside Brush Mountain A at 7:30.

Got art? (1) We are looking for some awesome EARTH WEEK graphics! bring doodles to the meeting. (2) and donations for our art auction EARTH WEEK fundraiser.

Registration is open for the Appalachian Food and Agriculture Summit! Sign up, just visit:

 Sign up for our Relay team – it is going to be awesome! go to and click “sign up” register under “Sustainable Hokies” double check by making sure the team captain is Erica Largen – if so you’ve got the right team.

Sign this petition – Save the Stadium Woods.

Green is Sexy. Get involved with the calendar and contact Liza:

Mountain Justice Spring Break! Kara has the info:

Beyond Coal at VT meets Tuesdays 7-8PM Torgersen 1020. Come work with our coalition to transition from coal to clean energy at VT by 2025! Meet new friends, learn organizing skills, and make a positive difference in the community.

On the 22nd of March, Sustainable Blacksburg — cooperating with the Blacksburg Library — will host an evening with trees.  This event will occur in the Community Room of the Blacksburg Library.  This is intended to be a family event having the purpose of examining why humans need trees and what value they bring to our lives.  (The event is now shown on the SB Calendar.) At 6:30 PM, the doors will open so that folks can visit tables around the room holding demonstrations of the many ways in which trees are important to us. At 7:00 PMJeff Kirwan will present an illustrated talk on the “Remarkable Trees of Virginia“.  (Those who have heard Jeff speak on this subject before, say that the wanted to go home and hug every tree in their yard.) Following Jeff’s talk, there will be time to informally talk with him and yet another opportunity to view the displays and visit with the folks at the display tables. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE NOW ON YOUR CALENDAR, so that you can squeeze this informative event into your busy schedule during life’s “March madness”.  You are welcome to stop by when you can — and stay as long as you wish!




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