This Week, in the EC

This week we will be meeting once again in Brush Mtn A at 8 PM on Tues 3/20.

We’ll be hearing about Biodigesters in Honduras and working
in Project Groups.  Project Groups will include, but are not
limited to: EW groups by day, World WAter Day (Thursday 3/22),
Earth Hour/ Fossil Fuels, and a Stadium Woods (still looking for a
group facilitator here).  Think about what you want to help out with and join in!
VT Relay for Life: Sign Up!
Don’t forget to register for Relay for Life! Register for our team! The name is “Sustainable Hokies” – We are going to recycle so SIGN UP because we need your help. It’s $10 and a pretty low commitment. We need YOUR help to bring environmental awareness to the RELAY Hokie nation on April 20th. don’t delay.
Appalachian Food and Agriculture Summit: Sign Up!
Don’t forget to register for the Appalachian Food & Agriculture Summit,
which will be hosted right here in Blacksburg this weekend.  Sebastian
Naskaris, a FoodCorps Service member will be keynoting and there will
be farm tours, workshops, a seed swap, and opportunities to meet
people from around Appalachia.
Rock the Blocks!
Likewise, y’all should register for Rock The Blocks, Blacksburg’s
local music festival, which will run on the 23rd and 24th of March.
It’s a great way to support and see your community, and you can
get a discount if you sign up for AFAS! There will be over 40

bands playing in venues across town! Check it out!
Trees – What Good Are They?
Volunteer for Sustainable Blacksburg’s “Trees – What Good Are They?”
Program happening on thursday 3/22.  Email if you’re i
nterested in helping out.
Bike Kitchen 5 K: Sign Up!
The Bike Kitchen is having a 5K run and walk with all proceeds
going directly to helping us reach fundraising goals for our building
projects. The race will be April 28th at 8:30 A.M. at the
Christiansburg Rec Center. The link to the site is below to
register. The race will cost $20 when registered before March 31st and
$25 dollars after that date. The first 200 registrants receive a free
t-shirt. Thank you for your time and support and I look forward to
seeing you at the race!

VT BIG EVENT: Next Weekend
Sign Up for VT Big Event happening NEXT weekend.
Team name is Environmental Coalition.  DO IT!
On Campus Farmers Market on Thursday 3/22
The On Campus Farmers Market is setting up shop this Thursday
at the GLC Plaza.  Come by and grab an apple or some homemade
treats between 10:30 and 2:30!
Celebrate World Water Day on Thursday 3/22
Help us Celebrate World Water Day on Thursday 3/22!
Sign up here to help with a water taste test !

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