Finish Strong, ECers!

Tuesday is our LAST meeting of the semester & you know what that means – OFFICER ELECTIONS! If you have not nominated yourself for a position do so here. 

Angie is speaking for OES internship (office of energy and sustainability)! (5 minutes)

Evan will be giving a brief overview of the EC’s one more BIG action before the semester ends to SAVE THE STADIUM WOODS. And then briefing about the CAMPING TRIP THIS WEEKEND. DON’T MISS IT.

ELECTIONS: Alex and Rial will be running elections: 

Election meeting normally run about 20 minutes overtime and is super exciting – so get pumped to VOTE. It might be the most important meeting of the semester because we are selecting the people to take our club further into 2012-2013!

If you’re running for a position expect to talk for about a minute about why you want + would do well in your elected position. You can run for more than one position – but it is recommended to pick your top choice.

We will be voting to split the positions of secretary/historian and recruitment/fundraising, before elections start.  

We will vote anonymously for each position after the candidates speak. To participate in voting you must be an official EC member listed on the website. If you’re not – comment below with the project groups you’ve participated in or events attended.

Happy Earth Day EC. We did a great job at the Stadium Woods Rally: 

See you Tuesday,

Love EC


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