Gobblerfest & Sustainability Week

Hey everybody,

Gobblerfest & Sustainability Week 2012 are coming up soon! Gobblerfest is this Friday, September 7 from 4-8 pm and will include booths for the Environmental Coalition, the Sustainable Food Corps, the Office of Energy and Sustainability AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

Additionally, this year we’re shortening sustainability week so that the events don’t interfere with your weekend. As such, this will take place from Tuesday, September 18 through Thursday, September 20.

Tuesday: Tree Planting (1-4 pm), Electric Vehicles (4-8:30 pm)

Wednesday: Active Commute (8am – 1pm), Farmers Market Events (2-5 pm) [includes information on sustainable biomaterials, sustainable agriculture, and a stormwater model]

Thursday: Sustainability Tours (1-4 pm) [will cover the Solar PV Parking Garage, ICTAS II, Smithfield Farm], Energy Event (TBD)

Note: this is just a rough draft of the week to come. Updates will most likely occur and this page will be adjusted as such.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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