Second Meeting Not In Johnston!

Hey Everyone,

We hope you were as excited by the turnout at the first meeting as we are and are planning to come to our second meeting this Tuesday! This second meeting will NOT be in Johnston 104, but WILL INSTEAD take place in Lavery Hall, room 320 [above Turner Place]. We will start project groups as well as ‘Oaks & Acorns’ this week to get the ball rolling!

Facilitator: Justin Martin

Icebreaker: Drew Gallagher

Enviro-News: Cabell Neterer

This week is SUSTAINABILITY WEEK – Come out this Tuesday through Friday and join us in our celebration! Alex Yang and Nneka Sobers will be talking about this in depth.

Drew Gallagher and Alex Yang are currently working on putting together a sustainability committee that will work with the SGA on sustainability initiatives in Blacksburg for the 2012-2013 school year. We would love to have you on the committee, so please consider filling out the application! You can turn in the application via email to Alex [] or Drew [] and via hard copy to 321 squires, or during an EC [tuesdays at 8, lavery hall] or SFC [wednesdays at 6:30, litton reeves] meeting.

Finally, WE PROMISE TO HAVE T-SHIRTS THIS MEETING. We will be giving them out via the lottery system we explained last meeting.

Until Tuesday,

Stay Classy Virginia Tech


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