Link Up For Grazia

As some of you have heard, our friend Grazia Apolinares was recently involved in a car accident while crossing the street on her bicycle. She is currently stable and recovering in the hospital. Until the accident Grazia was on track to graduate in December and really wants to continue to try to do that.

“The worst is her left arm, which required major surgery yesterday — pins and plates galore, as I understand it. She is uncomfortable and has a difficult time figuring out what to do with her arm (sling, pillows, etc.), but she’s also tired of sitting in the same position and wants to bend her knees and move her feet around more than she can, due to the compression booties.”

If you would like to donate to Grazia’s recovery and “Link Up”, please do so by sending cash and check donations to our treasurer, Justin Martin, or by clicking the PayPal donate button below. We thank you for your support and kind wishes.


One thought on “Link Up For Grazia

  1. I don’t have words to describe all what you guys have been able to do together. Thank you immensely for your thoughts, prayers, good vibes and such a sweet “Link up” gift. I’m recovering well, gaining more mobility on my forearm and slowly catching up with school work. Man, I am alive and with only this broken arm as a net result, only because God was really compassionate to let me have a second chance in this planet. So for that and for your special support that had helped me lift my spirit when I needed the most I am grateful everyday of my life. Absolute thanks!! Join me this Commencement if you get a chance. I’ll be walking…I thought you don’t graduate everyday in life, right? And it will make me so happy to see the faces behind the links of so many kindred spirits. Peace!

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