It Begins

24 events. 5 days. Your EarthWeek at Virginia Tech.
Not signed up to volunteer at our table? Do that. We need you (especially on Tuesday). If you are signed up simply show up at the times you chose.

Caitlyn needs your ART donations for the Thursday night art auction – email her at!

No meeting Tuesday – go to earthweek events. We will be meeting at the Cellar during our regular meeting time and everyone is invited!

Have old batteries, ink cartridges, old clothes, old electronics? VT Environmental Student Organization’s (ESO) annual Junk in Our Trunk recycling drive in squires all through earth week (4/22-4/26). Bins are located on each floor of squires and we will be collecting items that you know you shouldn’t throw away, but are not sure how to recycle.

Also, check out this 45 second spot about Earth Day at Virginia Tech and the tree planting that made it on the local news!


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