People’s Climate March!!!

Anybody and Everybody!
This September, we will be going to NYC to participate in the LARGEST CLIMATE MARCH IN HUMAN HISTORY.
This march will coincide with the 2014 UN International Climate Summit.
In addition to this action, you will have all day Saturday (starting at 8am) and all day Sunday to enjoy the beauty of the Upper West Side in NYC, where we will be staying. The march will go by Rockefeller Plaza, Times Square, Broadway, and more landmark locations.
— Reserve your tickets as soon as possible. There are only 50 spots available!

If you cannot make it to the march the weekend of September 19- 21st, you can still support Environmental Coalition by donating to our bus fund or by buying someone a ticket using the link above!!

For more information about the march location, route, etc., you can check out the website:

Sign up and join us in New York for the world’s largest climate march EVER!!


3 thoughts on “People’s Climate March!!!

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