Inspire, Motivate, Empower: the student environmental movement in Blacksburg, VA

Mission & Purpose:

  • Mission
    • To advocate for a sustainable future by uniting, educating and motivating community members to serve at the local, state and national levels.
  • Purpose
    • To lead student initiatives and promote environmentally and sustainably oriented change in the community
    • To aid in environmental conservation
    • To engage the community to promote a more sustainable lifestyle
    • To develop strong and effect student leaders
    • To educate and promote awareness of environmental issues and solutions
    • To participate in youth climate movement at the state and national levels
    • To work on community service projects
    • To form partnerships with other student organizations, the administration, and the Blacksburg community at large
    • To promote University policies and changes that reflect “inventing a sustainable future”
  • Our History: This group of students started as a way to get recycling on our campus. Having succeeded at this, we found that we could accomplish much more though our combined efforts and thus, the EC was born.
  • Constitution:
    • A draft of the constitution can be downloaded below:

EC ConstitutionUPDATED 11 May 2012!!!