All Week Events

Caught Green Handed

Sponsor: Sustainable Blacksburg & Office of Sustainability

When: All Week

Where: Blacksburg

What & Why:

Caught Green Handed is a campaign to spread awareness and recognize those people who take “green actions!”

Contact: Carol Davis



Green Paint

Sponsor: Environmental Coalition at Virginia Tech
When: Earth week (April 18th-22nd)
Where: Everywhere. Class, Dining Halls, other Earthweek events…
What and Why:
Put a streak of green paint somewhere on your body that is visible to others.
The point is to represent that you care about sustainable living on a personal level, and do not approve of the harmful effects that our current society has on the environment. It is also a way to show that you are NOT alone; there are “green-painters” who are also struggling to live in a sustainable way within a wasteful system.
You can use paint from people offering it for this cause, your own paint, a friend’s paint or even a marker or sharpie.
Remember: Change will not occur on it’s own, it takes PEOPLE power to make change happen.
Contact: Laura Puckett