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The most powerful force for creating positive influence on campus is the voices of students. The more student voices that are united for a cause the more good work we can get accomplished by working constructively, thoughtfully, and professionally with the Virginia Tech Administration. We are young adults attending Virginia Tech, a prestigious university in the United States of America with access to all resources necessary to make positive change. We might hold the most power than all other people on the face of the planet. It is our responsibility to recognize this and act to create the future for ourselves and for the billions to live around the planet. We must first only have the willpower to do something, to make our campus more sustainable, and to be the leaders that set the example.
The students of the Campus Coalition for Sustainability believe there is nothing more important they could possibly be doing. Through untiring commitment, good luck, and the power of an idea whose time has come, together we can succeed. Environmental degradation and social inequality are deeply connected. To stop the environmental crisis we must too address social ills like poverty, war, racism, sexism, and unrestricted capital growth. To accomplish these many environmental issues we must network with other campus groups to become a unified student voice for all the important work we are doing. This network was created to bring students together to share ideas, tactics and support. 
We believe campaigns and programs should be decided upon democratically and there should be a want to hear everyone’s ideas and criticisms. But Democracy only works when everyone participates and there is good structure and good communication. The Environmental Coalition’s office position of Coalition Representative has the duty to democratically build and oversee coalition efforts. The campus groups who have become a part of this coalition have the responsibility to share their projects with the coalition and to communicate other coalition projects to their respective club members. This coalition exists because of the thousands of individuals and groups whose daily activity is the life-blood of the student environmental-movement to win progressive social influence.