Friday, April 21 – Social Justice Day

People’s Climate March Promotion

Sponsor: SGA

When: All DAY!

Where: Squires Lawn

What & Why:

The People’s Climate March is April 29th, 2017! You can get more info about the march from the SGA at their tabling event.

Environmental Coalition Intersectionality Tabling

Sponsor: Environmental Coalition

When: 10:00am-4:00pm

Where: Squires Lawn

What & Why:

Join the EC and other campus organizations to highlight the intersectionality of environmental and social justice issues.

Collective Liberation Workshop

Sponsor: Environmental Coalition

When: 11:00am-12:00pm

Where: Squires Lawn

What & Why:

The EC will be hosting a Collective Liberation workshop to highlight the intersectionality of social justice. Hear some speakers and join others to create the Tree of Power!

Panel On Universal Basic Income

Sponsor: The Greens at VT

When: 6:00pm-7:00pm

Where: Squires Brush Mountain Room B

What & Why: 

Join the Greens at VT for a panel discussion to learn more about Universal Basic Income.



Describe the intersection between social justice and environmentalism.


“Environmentalism is a social justice issue. The fossil fuel industry and other polluting industries disproportionately target disadvantaged communities and communities of color for their infrastructure. Climate change impacts the global south, and island nations to a greater extent than developed countries. Communities with struggling infrastructure, less health care, food insecure areas and struggling economy have a more difficult time dealing with the effects of our changing climate and must inevitably pull more resources from existing pools of money to deal with such issues. This is important to recognize because as industries get rich they shift their negative externalities and the burden of their actions on to those who already have the least and the least ability to fight it. As we fight for a cleaner environment these factors must be recognized and disadvantaged voices must be prioritized. It isn’t enough to go green, we must strive for a just transition that ensures our future does not include the exploitation of disadvantaged communities, communities of color, rural communities, and the global south.”

Michael James-Deramo