Thursday, April 20 – Nature & Conservation Day

Environmental Coalition Tabling

Sponsor: Environmental Coalition

When: 10:00am-3:00pm

Where: Squires Lawn

What & Why:

Learn about the importance of protecting Stadium Woods and saving the bees! You can even make your own mini garden and grab a seed-splosion to help out our pollinators. Plus more giveaways!

Tree Planting

Sponsor: Office of Sustainability

When: 11:00am-1:00pm

Where: Hillcrest Hall Hill

What & Why:

Come by and plant a tree in front of Hillcrest Hall. There will also be an appearance by Dr. Laura Sands!

Pop-Up Farmer’s Market

Sponsor: The Office of Sustainability

When: 11:00am-3:00pm

Where: Drillfield

What & Why: 

Local vendors from the farmers market will join us on the drillfield to provide fresh produce, plants, and more goods!

A Guided Nature Walk Through Stadium Woods with Rebekah Paulson

Sponsor: Environmental Coalition

When: 4:00pm-5:00pm

Where: Stadium Woods (Meet at 4:00 in front of the tennis courts!)

What & Why:

Rebekah Paulson will guide us on a walk through Stadium Woods. Bask in the beauty of the Woods and come learn about the importance of this old growth forest as well as the threats it continues to face. We will also collect any trash we find along the way and pull any invasive plants! Trash bags will be provided. Bring gloves if you need them!


Tell us a story about your favorite memory in nature.


My favorite memory in nature was hiking through West Virginia last May during the Mountain Valley Pipeline resistance road trip. We embarked on a beautiful journey through the hills and hollers of Appalachia, gazing around at the greenery. Monroe County was especially pristine, with its clean, fresh water and awesome vistas. I would hate to see such gorgeous nature destroyed by the pipeline.  – JP Gallagher 



Ever since I put on my first Nike’s at two, I always sought high ground. It seemed powerful to me: climbing up, hiking through, bouldering over, in, out, and every which way, with only my body as my tool. No machine or most people, in my childish mind, could climb to the top of the yellow plastic roof of the playground or even peak the tree in the back yard. I use to live in Germany, closer to my family in Italy, and every summer I went south to visit and be rambunctious. If I was lucky enough, I could revel where the Apennine mountains abruptly and ruggedly meet the sea, in Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre is a cluster of five towns along the western coast, where travel between towns is mostly limited to hiking and railway, and cliff jumping is prominent all along the coast. Cliff jumps there range from two to six stories in height, and are only dangerous if you want them to be. My first taste of the dive to the (sometimes unforeseeable) depths, was even more exhilarating then traversing up the cliffs. This became all I ever wanted to do in Cinque Terre. It’s no wonder that the sounds of the ocean comfort us, but being engulfed by them after being so vulnerable is unbelievably humbling.

–  Cody Carrol 



The journey up Pikes Peak, Colorado is a truly breathtaking hike in nature. The 360 degree view at the top is a real marvel. Reaching the top is an incredible feat. Probably my favorite memory is taking a nap at the top, soaking up the sun to get my energy back, and snacking on cliff bars. 

–  Danny Papa